Social Justice Begins Within

July 12, 201911:00 am11:50 am
In this interactive presentation, I’ll guide people to pay attention to their bodies, minds and emotions as we consider some of the hot issues of our day (abortion, gun rights, immigration, etc). In creating a space where we can listen to our inner worlds (our personal reactions to these topics), we can begin to slow down our reactions that bring about the divisiveness of our times. I’ll share a simple framework for understanding your reactions and increasing your (self) compassion and curiosity. As we have tools and practical methods to deal with our own inner reactions, we bring justice within ourselves, in effect, healing generational trauma and pain. This healing flows out into the world with a ripple effect, opening the space for societal injustices to be made right. If you want more compassion for yourself or others, this is the place to be!
12:00 am Kristie Beth Ihde