Racial Justice Institute

Have a lot of questions and feelings about “race issues”? This interactive workshop will let you ask those questions and talk about race deeply and honestly, in a place where you will be respected and listened to. It will give you an opportunity to contemplate, reflect, sing, pray, possibly even laugh, and most importantly, figure out how we can individually – and collectively – do something about racial injustice.
Led by gifted, wise, multiracial, and interdisciplinary facilitators, Dr. Paul Alexander, Rev. Jennifer Bailey, Micky ScottBey Jones, Kenji Kuramitsu, and many others, this is a day designed to help us find creative new ways to heal, and possibly even change the world.


Lead Now! is a pre-festival Wild Goose initiative for seminary students and first-call ministers who are first-time attendees of the festival. We are offering a limited number of full scholarships – no charge for attendance or camping – to first-time festival attendees (and their families) ready to LEAD NOW!  Drawing on the cutting-edge leadership of the Wild Goose Festival, LEAD NOW! is a life-changing opportunity that puts seminarians and first-call ministers in up-close and personal practice settings with cutting-edge faith transformation authors and activists.


Mystic Action Camp

What does it mean to walk a revolutionary contemplative path?

At the nexus of action and contemplation, we will gather together to learn about mystical paths across traditions. We’ll explore how our spirituality and the contemplative path necessarily intersect our action, activism, and care for our world. With elder wisdom teachers Matthew Fox and Tessa Bielecki and Mirabai Starr, Adam Bucko, Teresa Pasquale, Brie Stoner and Holly Roach.