Kristie Beth Ihde

Kristie is on a journey of becoming who she was born to be. The path has involved unlearning most of what she was taught in seminary and church. Her best teachers are her children, spouse, and very large dog, along with these ancient mountains, and last – but most definitely not least – her colorful inner life! She speaks and writes with passion and honesty about loving ourselves and others, healing the wounds of our soul, and what Jesus might have meant when he said things like you must lose your life to gain it. Kristie’s all about liberating ourselves from the stories that keep us unhappy, unhealthy, and unwhole. She works as a soul sherpa, guiding people on the spiritual path of befriending all aspects of who they are. To her, the contemplative life is foundational for creating lasting social change and the evolution of our species! She’s not sure what she’d do without weekly hikes in the forest, where she and her family are taught the best Sunday school lessons. Join her on the journey of becoming at, IG or FB.
July 12, 2019 11:00 am Social Justice Begins Within
July 12, 2019 12:00 pm Journey to your True Self