Debunking Hell, the End Times, Inerrancy, Conversion Therapy, and Other Fake Faith Claims: Why It Matters

July 12, 201911:00 am11:50 am
Claims of fake news dominate today’s politics. Fact checking is key. But what if we used history to fact check the major faith claims of American Christianity? What would prove false? What would remain? What would we rethink? What does our country’s religious views say about us, our concept of God, and the world we strive to build?

Michael Camp welcomes attendees to share their stories as he leads them on a fascinating, interactive journey that uncovers 12 harmful sacred claims of our day and explains why they are harmful. A recovering conservative evangelical & former missionary to Muslims, Michael uses good history to expose fake religious “news” and reveal a non-religious, inclusive path of Jesus that confronts hypocrisy with facts and love.

After retribution, total depravity, strict biblicism, misogyny, conversion therapy, end-time fears, etc. are exposed as divisive frauds, Michael cites contemporary examples of enemy-love to challenge us to pursue a new revolution: use fact-checked, respectful dialogue to seek harmony with all, whatever one’s faith or lack, race, gender, sexual orientation, or politics.

12:00 am Michael Camp