Creation Care as Neighbor-Love

July 12, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
As Christians, we should be leading environmental stewardship and ecological equality because we have been entrusted to care for the land and to love our neighbors. Social and environmental justice are interconnected, we must pursue both to impact either. To love our neighbors means living a just lifestyle that does not oppress or discriminate those we impact, yet many Christian Americans do this daily as we make environmental choices that limit the well-being of others. To be effective stewards and neighbors we must be aware of the impact our decisions have and make changes to our lifestyles that cease unjust and oppressive practices. We must educate ourselves and others and hold one another accountable. This presentation will address creation care through a justice perspective, several pressing ecological issues and their social/environmental consequences, and finish by highlighting key action steps for moving forward.
12:00 am Rachel L. Jones, MSW