Church Bingo with Helen Holy

July 12, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
This year at Wild Goose, don’t miss Sister Helen Holy. Comedian and actor Paul J. Williams has taken his Southern Baptist upbringing and created a character you’d find at any Sunday evening potluck. Sister Helen will be the one with the marshmallow jello salad, who believes it’s her holy duty save her fellow man from sin and immorality by speaking the truth, in love or not. And don’t let the “sister” fool you into thinking she’s a nun; she’ll be quick to point out that she’s a member of the First Southern Fried Self-Satisfied Baptist Church.

Paul J.’s wit and comedy have bought Sister Helen Holy unexpected opportunities to spread the one true “Babatist” religion and sound Christian thinking through her 701 Club (“because she’s just a little better than you-know-who”) and her column. She’s often invited share her opinion roast-style and has had the chance to razz a Supreme Court Justice and Texas nobility.

Remember the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”? Sister Helen Holy will trigger some of your oldest church memories and have you laughing out loud at the same time. Let’s laugh our way to healing this year at Wild Goose.

12:00 am Helen Holy