Call for Wild Goose Video Volunteers

By March 15, 2015 June 20th, 2015 Uncategorized

Wild Goose TVAs a volunteer member of Wild Goose TV, under the leadership of Rick Meredith, you can expect to become part of a creative, memorable, and enriching experience! WGTV is the Wild Goose Festival’s online channel at YouTube devoted to informing and promoting the festival.  During the event there’s a “booth” where attendees can share personal stories or quick comments about anything they choose.  Rick and the crew are busy continuously staffing the booth or roaming the activities to capture some moments that matter for posterity.

For example: Here’s a piece created by the WGTV volunteer team.

WGTV needs experienced camera operators/videographers, video editors, interviewers, and production assistants!


1. “What’s Your Story?” video booth: people are invited to step in and make a brief statement to the camera.

2. Roving video crew, (a camera person and a reporter/interviewer), who can roam the campground and pickup interviews with attendees.

3. General video coverage of anything and everything – Gathering shots that convey the flavor of the festival.

All of this will be going on constantly throughout the festival.


Experienced camera operators/videographers with a sense of composition and the ability to operate a camera smoothly. Preferably with your own camera, but we have some equipment you may be able to use.

Interviewers, reporter-types – Outgoing, think on your feet, not afraid to approach strangers and ask them questions. You will also be approaching passersby and talking them into making a brief statement in our video booth.

Production assistants – Helping out in many capacities, no experience necessary.

Contact Rick Meredith directly at Please include a short description of yourself and your video experience.