Why Would Anyone Still Be Christian?

July 13, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
There’s a lot of conversation around the idea of deconstruction. For many of us, the categories that we inherited for understanding the world and our place in it are no longer convincing. The restlessness created by this destabilization has led to rethinking and reformulating our faith. The basic content of words, like God, Jesus, and Scripture, has been transformed. One key reason for this shift is the loss of fear as a motivator. We’ve discovered that not attending Church or not reading the Bible doesn’t mean we will contract an illness or get a flat tire. So, why would anyone still be Christian? If hell and damnation are no longer the motivation for engaging and participating in this tradition, why would anyone want to do so? In this session, Josh will explore these themes and share his own reasons for (still) being Christian.
12:00 am Josh Scott