Why Should I Walk in Circles?

July 12, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
What is a Labyrinth? Why would I want to walk one? Isn’t that just some kind of pagan practice anyway? Find the answer to all these questions and more in this crash course on the history and practice of labyrinth walking. Tessi and Cory Rickabaugh, builders of the annual Wild Goose Labyrinth, will be offering this workshop for anyone curious to know more about what a labyrinth is and how it can enrich their lives. They will share personal stories of labyrinths they have walked around the world, and invite participants to engage in the Wild Goose Labyrinth for themselves.
12:00 am Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh and Cory Rickabaugh
12:00 am Cory Rickabaugh