Using Experiential Education To Reimagine The Church As A Circle (Rather Than A Triangle)

July 13, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
The tradition, hierarchical model of church-communities has led to centuries of spiritual abuse, stagnation, and fear. It has embraced a triangle shape — both theologically and with members of their communities — and I believe that this was never the intention… Organizationally OR Theologically. If the church is ever going to be anything worth being a part of, it needs to be a CIRCLE rather than a triangle. I plan on discussing Experiential Ed philosophies (facilitation vs. direction, the importance of circles, processing experiences, seeking out fun and adventure, etc…), and talking about ways to implement those tools in spiritual communities. Based on the size of the crowd, there are a number of different Experiential Ed activities that can be done with the folks in attendance to use as examples.
12:00 am Chris Boeskool