The Table is Bigger than you Think: A Queer Guide to Reconstructing Faith After Destruction

July 12, 201910:00 am10:50 am
So many of us who are LGBTQ and Christian experienced deconstruction of our faith in the process of self acceptance. Part of this deconstruction occurred because of the hurt and harm that other Christians did in the name of “being a good Christian”, or “loving you as Jesus would call me to do.” Not only do our old ways of believing and experiencing God not feel so applicable anymore, but there’s also the challenge of separating out the harm other Christians have done to us, from God. Deciphering what is a persons doing and what is Gods is essential in beginning to recreate a faith. So we are left wondering, now what?

In this breakout session we’ll explore where to begin in the reconstruction of our faith. I believe our experience of the Bible, relationship with God and sense of the spirit in our lives will be even more vibrant, alive and embodied after the deconstruction of old beliefs and healing from wounds caused by the church. It takes work for us queer people to grieve the harm that has as done and yet to not stop there and see what God still has for us. We’ll explore where and how to experience God in our lives and the beauty that comes when we open ourselves to seeing and experiencing the divine in more than just the church pews. We’ll also explore how to begin to think about the Bible and trust there is still deep meaning in it even after we’ve left a way of seeing it in a traditional fundamentalist way of encountering the scriptures. There is hope to be LGBTQ and still have a whole and deep spiritual life.

12:00 am Candice Czubernat