The Relational Intersection Between Farming, Ecology, & Theology

July 13, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
Sherri & Chris Hill from Hill Family Farm are dedicated practitioners of cultivating and maintaining the relational intersection of farming, ecology, and theology. They believe the land should be treated with the kind of care that creates sustainable environments for all. As such, they engage farming practices that work toward minimal waste, e.g., recycling farming materials, zero pesticide use, and provide education around farming practices and work with their community to help create access, for all people, to farm fresh food. Chris and Sherri also believe that, not unlike humans, animals are created in the image of god. Because animals are created in the image of god, they should have access to many of the creaturely comforts that humans need: Food, water, shelter, nurturing care, the ability to roam freely outside, and, above all – love. Sherri and Chris believe it’s important to work alongside the community and their neighbors to help bring awareness to sustainable farming, especially the interconnected relationship that we all have with the earth, animals, and each other.
12:00 am Hill Family Farm