Stress, Trauma, and Conflict Communication

July 12, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
There’s a lot of conflict management advice out there, but very little of it actually acknowledges the place of stress, trauma, shame, and burnout and how those factors underlie and impact conflict. Especially with recent awareness of the impact of things like purity culture and other spiritual abuses on trauma, information on these subjects and how these kinds of factors tie into and affect our conflict management styles is more and more key for us to discuss openly in progressive spiritual spaces. This session will take us into the “underbelly” of conflict, uncovering how we can tell if we or others are acting out of stress, trauma, burnout, or shame impulses and how to deal with that when we identify these verbal and nonverbal signs. There’s no way this session will be comprehensive, but handouts, activities, and storytelling from audience members will hopefully help us work through a few of these difficult issues.
12:00 am DS Leiter, Assertive Spirituality