Spiritual Direction (Friday)

July 12, 20199:00 am6:00 pm
Spiritual Direction is the ancient practice of a “soul friend” who accompanies others on their spiritual journey, helping them to notice, discern, and claim their own experience of God. It is likely that you will encounter the “Wild Goose” in a variety of ways during the next several days. The WGF Spiritual Direction Team is available throughout the weekend to companion folks for spiritual exploration, processing, conversation, companionship, and/or prayer during 45 minute individual sessions. Signups are at the Spiritual Direction tent where there are also self-led contemplative practices sponsored by the Charlotte Spirituality Center.

The Spiritual Direction team will be available to all festival attendees throughout the weekend.

In addition to spiritual direction, the Charlotte Spirituality Center’s tent provides a space for rest, prayer, and creative expression via self-led contemplative activities throughout the festival.

12:00 am Linda Serepca
12:00 am Carol Hassell
12:00 am Anne Findlay-Chamberlain
12:00 am Ladale Benson
12:00 am Lucinda Clark
12:00 am Chet Amalean
12:00 am Terra McDaniel
12:00 am Therese Taylor-Stinson
12:00 am Marshall Jenkins