Spinning Gold From Rejection

July 13, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
Frances Cutshaw, experienced ministry and social justice leader co- presents with her husband of 15 years, Eddie Cutshaw.

The two invoke a casual style to share their epic stories of rejection and overcoming by grace. Their stories are remarkably different and yet woven together. Frances grew up in opportunity and privilege and Eddie grew up in poverty and defeat.

Inspiring, bridge-building and interactive, this couple will encourage and bless their listeners with a new way forward in faith through the dark.

The interactive component of this presentation will include a brief meditation on hero stories which have always touched the participants thus finding themselves in those stories to help them move forward, trusting God in the hardest places.

The goal of this talk is to relieve people of the blaring volume associated with rejection, so that compassionate wild-goose attenders can take home new tools to be empathetic servants in situations which stretch them.

God honoring, remarkable and even quite miraculous, these stories build bridges for those who have church experience (good or bad) or none at all.

12:00 am Frances Cutshaw with Eddie Cutshaw