Slaying Dragons Together

July 12, 20197:30 am8:20 am
No one slays dragons alone, after all, who helps tell and remind one of the tale. There is a masculine path woven around and amidst living the “lone ranger”/#MGTOW mentality, unconsciously fitting into society’s systems, or hiding when storms rage internally and externally. Informed by cultural myths, the “self-made man,” and “compassionate activist” path can share the same pitfalls of dismissing vulnerability and preferring a lonely path. It doesn’t have to be so.

This session explores ways that men are coming together and sharing their fullness with each other and, from there, impacting the wider world. Some ways are new and some are rediscovered and remixed ancient traditions. All value rituals, unconditional individual support, accountability to commitments, vulnerability without shame, and collective wisdom.

This session won’t solve the problems of toxic masculinity or even seek to develop a unified understanding of healthy masculinity. Rather, this is a glimpse and an invitation into spaces for those identifying as men, to support, share, and tell each other’s tales in order to transform individuals and communities.

12:00 am Greg Feightner