No Turning Back: The Gift of Aging

July 13, 20192:00 pm2:50 pm
The baby boomers are here. There are more and more people living longer. The health care field is overtaxed. And yet our world is all about being young. Our marketing and values are all about youth and staying young. We sell it youth. And yet if we live we get older. This workshop will take a strength based approach to aging. We rarely talk about it. This class will honor some of the challenges of aging (physical and mental health – personality stages) while celebrating the gift of aging which are (1) nothing to prove; (2) comfort in one’s own skin; (3) less judge mental and (4) and boundless wisdom we are willing to share with others. No one is marketing aging but we are a group that invaluable to the human race. There is a real injustice to those who are older….discarded as if they have nothing to offer when they are very much a bridge to our future sustainability.
12:00 am Sistah Soul