Knowing the Story: The Importance of History in Healing the Historical Harm of Racism

July 12, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
Three historians will discuss the importance of history in healing modern-day racism. The presentation will take the form of a roundtable with each presenter sharing highlights of her work and lessons she’s learned about how confronting history can engender healing. We will demonstrate how racism and inequality in all key social indicators is a direct by-product of America‚Äôs past as a nation whose economic, moral, and social foundation is built upon the disenfranchisement of people of color through genocide and slavery. We will discuss our work as genealogists and public historians, including examples from our personal family histories and community histories of places of enslavement.

Our hope is that those who attend will achieve greater understanding of how personal histories shape their attitudes and may contribute to ongoing disparities in the social fabric of America. We want them to consider how they can employ Christian values to become agents of change who inspire healing, reconciliation, and reparation in their families and communities.

We will end the session with audience participation. They can ask questions, make comments, and/or witness personal experiences.

12:00 am Andi Cumbo-Floyd