Finding God in the Ruins (How God Redeems Pain)

July 13, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
A powerful story teller, Matt Bays presents an honest, raw, yet hopeful account of how we find God in the ruins of our lives.

The magic in this communicator’s voice and way of looking at the world is that he is able to speak honestly about deep and tragic events while simultaneously illuminating beauty and hope.

– Be empowered to be honest with a God who has felt far off and hard to understand.

-Discover community with fellow broken travelers.

– Find the courage to shed the skin of an inauthentic Christianity that has promoted a healing process which is, in actual practice, unredemptive.

– Begin to understand how God is reaching out to you in unexpected and unique ways.

Matt joins the ranks of narrative spirituality writers/speakers such as Ann Lamott, Donald Miller, Rachel Held Evans, and Ann Voskamp in offering readers an honest, raw, creative, and insightful companion for sorting through the struggles of life with a measure of joy and hope.

12:00 am Matt Bays