Cutting a Hole in the Roof: Welcoming Neighbors with Disabilities into Our Faith Communities

July 13, 201911:00 am11:50 am
“Why is it easier for a person with a disability to shop at Walmart than it is for them to worship at your church?” Cynthia uses her extensive experience working with individuals who are physically and intellectually disabled to increase awareness and provide practical, low budget solutions for accessibility and inclusion. Participants will be given the opportunity to simulate a physical or non-visible disability and will be provided with a framework to address related issues. Attendees will leave with information that can be put into practice when they return to their faith communities. With 1 in 5 Americans experiencing a disability at some point in their life, these individuals comprise one of the top minority groups in the nation, one that continues to be marginalized. Just as the lame man was lowered from the roof to reach Jesus, it’s time we also implement ways to welcome people of all abilities.
12:00 am Cynthia Johnson