Creating and Growing an Authentic Interfaith Community

July 12, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
Jewish, Christian and Muslim women from the core leadership of the Women’s Interfaith Alliance of Central Georgia will share their story of how they met for lunch nine years ago and moved from eight to eighty; from niceties to knowing; from sharing to service; from acquaintances to authentic relationships; from sharing recipes to studying scriptures; from welcomes and goodbyes to invocations and benedictions; from telling stories to transformation. Through hearing personal experiences, visual presentation and group interaction, learn the importance of FAITH and how it grows and enriches interfaith relationships, efforts, and work; and how the WIA has impacted our community in tangible and intangible ways.

The Women’s Interfaith Alliance of Central Georgia has been together for nine years and continues to grow. Our stated mission is: “We believe that people who live out their faith are positive contributors to their communities. We hope to promote understanding, respect, prayer, interaction and unity among the various faiths in central Georgia through education, dialog and service.”

12:00 am Women’s Interfaith Alliance of Central Georgia