Brew Theology

July 12, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
Wanna Brew Theology? Do you like wrestling with meaningful questions over theological topics? Brew Theology is an alliance of diverse communities across the country filled with a mosaic of amazing people across the religious-spiritual spectrum. We hold organized weekly conversations at local breweries. This session is an interactive experience. We’ll bring the content & questions. You’ll brew up a zesty topic from relevant questions, and experience the range in diversity from Christianity to Atheism, Buddhism to Judaism, etc. along with kicking around a rich conversation pertaining to either/or science, philosophy, sex, gender, race, politics, socio-economic and justice-centric issues. Brew Theology is very open and honest – everything is always on the table. You will find that even in our disagreements and differing beliefs, Brew Theology cultivates a safe, ecumenical and interfaith community that values one another. We find common ground in our shared humanity and are strangely yet remarkably unified by simply being together. This gather will be a microcosm of our weekly gatherings. We affirm all people. Everyone’s voice matters. Just don’t be a jerk! Pull up a seat at the table, and get ready to brew…
12:00 am Brew Theology