Abstract Art as Queer Self-Representation

July 12, 201911:00 am11:50 am
My glitch art is a three year re-exploration of myself and who I am. Being sixteen and beginning to navigate the gender binary, I struggled with visions of my physical self in which I could not see a comfortable equivalent to how I felt. I had the angst of being transgender on top of being a teenager. When I started making digital art and media, I stumbled and tripped into the realm of glitch art. It was introduced to me as a way of burying the ghosts that can come with existing in a binary world. I soon discovered that it was really a way of creating them. Ghosts, like me, exist in-between worlds. Some people do not believe they exist, others fear them, and others believe they’re the result of failure. By breaking and destroying the code of “perfect” pictures, I created my own imperfect ghosts. Ones that blurred the captured elements of dysphoria in my physical self. Abstract art may be other, strange, ephemeral – a captured element of the surreal… but so is the experience of being transgender. It is a rebecoming of the self, a ghost of the past, and a blurring of what is familiar.
12:00 am Cas Skinner