A Safe Place for Men to Share Openly in the Context of the MeToo Era (in mixed company)

July 13, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
More often than you may think, men who are supportive of the MeToo Movement may not feel safe sharing their true and sometimes-confused thoughts and feelings. It can be difficult to know how to safely explore MeToo related questions such as “over-political-correctness” and “shared-accountability” without feeling like some women will instantly label you a jerk. Or to raise questions like “might/should there be a sense of male gender guilt?” without receiving scorn from your male friends. As a supportive heterosexual male, how do you, or should you respond to the different extremes often expressed by your female friends and colleagues? Your male friends and colleagues? Where and how does MeToo fit with your Faith? The goal of this session is simply to provide a safe place for men to openly share their thoughts, feelings and confusion, in mixed company.
12:00 am Larry Dickinson