Nathan Novero

Nathan is a docu-series producer (Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel), a former Southern Baptist minister, and a product of the True Love Waits campaigns. Championing celibacy as a teen and preaching it as an adult, Nathan marries his best friend from church only to learn a sobering lesson: a perfect celibate life does not make a lifetime of sex-shaming go away. Twelve years of a sexless marriage and four therapists later, Nathan left his marriage with PTSD and clinical fear of sex. Failed by fundamentalism, this former pastor does the unexpected to heal — he confronts his fear and produces an erotic short. This bold move re-directs Nathan’s life directing him to tantra which reinvigorates his faith and inspires a new self-identity as N /O, a re-branded artist producing Source-inspired erotica and intimacy-building content countering the damaging effect of pornography and “reverse sex-shaming” of Western Conservatism.

69 Overcoming Sexual Shame