Kristie Ihde

Kristie is a practical mystic, teacher of psychological and spiritual wisdom, and lover of homemade kombucha! As a soul sherpa for self-aware, spiritual folks who feel stuck in the same old patterns of doubting their intuition and judging themselves, she leads people into their internal worlds to experience their true selves, union with Divine love, and ever-expanding freedom. She often works with people who wrestle with the Church’s dogma and the stories of the Bible, or feel an inner nudge to follow the Spirit into the spiritual wilds! When she’s not writing, vlogging, or leading workshops, she’s a homeschooling mama who follows desire and intuition wherever they lead. You’ll find her enjoying nature, marveling at her kids as they do their thing, or being amazed that, yet again, a children’s book led her right into the heart of the Great Spirit! You can join her community at

397 Awakening to Divine Union