REVDELE Ministries

Rev Dele is changing the environmental narrative towards nature centered ways of advocating so we create JOY with our Impact. She mentors spiritual leaders and Earthkeepers who are struggling with burnout and rage. As grandmother, theologian and permaculture professor Dele teaches that justice begins with inner balance and flows through a community in diverse banks of love. Dele co-hosts the Spirit of Resilience radio show to share inspiration and information for our changing social and weather climates. Dele’s newest book “Breath of Life” helps us grow closer to God and grow a secure community by loving creation. Dr. Stephanie Boddie is an assistant professor of Church and Community Ministries at Baylor University–appointments at the Diana R. School of Social Work the School of Education and the George W. Truett Seminary. Boddie recently developed a course “Education from a Gardener’s Perspective” to bring together permaculture ways of nature, creaturely patterns of students and ourselves as teachers. As vocalist she blends melodies and harmonies into a gentle landscape of Joy!

July 13, 2019 12:00 pm Breathing Life into our Earth Care