Patrick Green

Former Outlaw Preacher and Progressive Minister Pat Green keeps himself busy writing and creating art. In Chicago, Pat is a vibrant part of the art community. His CV includes shows at the Flower of Life Gallery, Soderworld Wellness Center, Art Bar, and the Metro in Chicago. Some of his work is in galleries and private collections throughout the US, Canada, the UK, France and Ireland. He also writes as a columnist and photojournalist with his work appearing regularly in Aquarius News, Chicago Unheard, Patheos, and Queer Voices. At his core, he and his adult child are on the forefront of LGBTQIA+ advocacy and mental health awareness. In 2015 Pat published a book called “Night Moves: An Ex Preachers Journey to Hell in a Taxi. It was his journey into the darkness of the night post ministry and the lessons he learned about people that made the darkness beautiful. The Soul Selfie has been a project he’s worked on in Chicago using art to help people find a coping mechanism that also allows for presence and storytelling using an honest heart with a camera or a phone.