Our Brother Legion

Rev. Beth Cantrell created Our Brother Legion (OBL) out of her experiences in sixteen years of congregational ministry and from living with Bipolar I. Legion’s mission statement stood solid for three years: “OBL educates, equips, empowers FaithFolks&Allies to create belonging and develop practical ministries for/with/on behalf of people living with mental illness, trauma, and substance abuse.” As ambitious as the original Legion mission with its two groups of constituents seemed to be, this winter the omission of caregivers required Legion’s direction to be “un-thunk.” Using folk art as the source of theological remediation and center of community participation, this seminar “soft approaches for hard topics” invites folks to consider the importance of the the unconventional as well as the tried and true to manage fear, regression, and stagnation in the face of social healing. Beth Cantrell exercises, manages moods, writes, creates folk art, and listens to way too much NPR near Winston-Salem NC.
July 12, 2019 12:00 pm Soft Approaches for Hard Topics: Creating Ministries About Mental Health