Mike Phillips

Mike’s stand is that every human being on the face of the planet gets a chance to be heard, and experiences being known and loved.
He is beginning a new career as a Restorative Facilitator after leaving a successful career in Information Technology. The new social science of Restorative Practices focuses on the common humanity in us all, provides a means to break through the sense of “other”-ness, and promotes healing. As a restorative facilitator, Mike uses restorative processes to create emotionally safe spaces which cultivate relationship and community development. Mike is brother of Karen Mueller and close friends with Darryl Parker. He enjoys working and playing with both of them, especially around social justice.

Mike attends the United Methodist Church of Fort Worth Texas and has facilitated groups at churches, rehab centers and schools. He is volunteering and with his local parole office to support more positive transitions back into the community after incarceration, and with a human trafficking intervention organization.

Mike feeds his soul with recovery activities, gong baths, drum circles, church, community theatre, music, and dancing. In fact, you will probably see him expressing his joy in dance during The Goose.

July 12, 2019 2:00 pm Restorative Practices: Humans Being