Jessi Knippel

We are a group of artists, academics, and activists who use rituals within our various work as calls to justice, love, and inclusion. Jessi Knippel is currently a PhD student studying intersections of gender, religion, and media with a focus on the ex/post evangelical experience. She’s currently collaborating with filmmaker Leslie Foster on a short abstract film based on the poem ‘Litanies to my Heavenly Brown Body’ by queer poet Mark Aguhar. Christine Cooley is an energy worker/healer. She looks at energy via the chakras to help clear energy that isn’t yours. The key to doing this is not through resisting unwanted energy but integrating it with compassion. And our third collaborator is Tamisha, who ended up having a scheduling conflict but we wanted to honor her work Tamisha Tyler is a PhD student focusing on Afro-futurism and a theopoetic reading of theology, ethics, and culture based on the works of Octavia Butler. She also serves as a Director at Large for ARC and Level Ground New Story Festival.
July 13, 2019 2:00 pm Tarot, marginalized icons, and all the swear words: A ritual creation experience