Anna Del Castillo

Anna Del Castillo is a proud Mississippian, second generation Peruvian-Bolivian immigrant, womanist scholar, and faith-rooted activist for justice. As a Harvard Presidential Public Service Fellow, she works for Faith Matters Network, an organization equipping faith leaders, community organizer, and activist with resources for spiritual sustainability. At FMN, she is working to advance the emerging vocational role of Movement Chaplain— leaders who offer spiritual, emotional, relational and practical holistic care— to those in social change movements. At Harvard, she leads a community space of healing and resilience for students from underrepresented backgrounds called DivEx Now and serves as an editor for Feminist Studies in Religion, Inc. She also works with incarcerated students in Massachusetts through the Partakers College Behind Bars program. Anna hopes to continue using her work and educational experiences to create spaces for healing and support work centered around racial justice and collective liberation.

July 12, 2019 2:00 pm Daring Compassion: Movement Chaplaincy and the art of spiritual accompaniment in social justice movements.