Zach Mills

The Rev. Dr. Zachary W. Mills is a communications scholar and ordained minister who studies race, religion, media, and popular culture. He is the author of The Last Blues Preacher: Rev. Clay Evans, Black Lives, and the Faith that Woke the Nation (Fortress Press, 2018), a biography about Chicago civil rights hero Rev. Clay Evans.

Mills holds two master’s degrees from Vanderbilt University: a Master of Divinity emphasizing social justice and a Master of Arts focussing on African American preaching. He recently earned his Ph.D in Rhetoric and Public Culture from Northwestern University.

Through his writing, speaking, and consulting, Mills works to inspire change and help people find and develop authentic voices – especially within unfamiliar and even hostile cultural landscapes. He is a storyteller who uses the power of words to empower people to be the best versions of themselves and to find common ground despite social, cultural, religious, or political differences. For more, visit his website

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