Shannon Meacham

A rock star from the start, the Reverend Shannon Meacham belted out a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in institutional spiritual matters that most people don’t believe in anyway, from the University of Louisville. Because she couldn’t get enough of the annoying ways people say “Loueyville” she moved across town to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity, a degree for young idealists and middle age crazies. Before the institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) self-imploded they were kind enough to hand out a piece of paper saying Go forth and be an overpaid secretary in the name of God. Shannon is married to the Rev. Derrick Weston and is proud to be the reacher in their relationship. Together they parent four exhausting children. She currently serves Ashland Presbyterian Church in the safest part of Baltimore, the suburbs. And because she simply cannot stand free time, she is a Pastoral Coach and Consultant. You can find her musings at

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