Carolyn Wetzel

Administrative Support, LeadNOW!
Carolyn is a Lutheran PK (preacher’s kid) who has lived in California, Hawaii and raised 3 kids in Southern Oregon. Decades after her dad introduced her to the writings of Marcus Borg and John Shelby Spong, she discovered the Wild Goose WEST (Oregon) in 2012 and many new voices, She immediately called her parents and said they HAD to go to North Carolina in 2013! (They did and have been every year since).
This will be Carolyn’s 4th journey across country to be a part of this amazing community. She loves behind the scenes volunteering (number crunching / database work). At home, she just ended 8 years as the treasurer of her Presbyterian congregation and is now providing database help to a nearby UCC congregation and to Holmes House, a new residential hospice facility.