Spiritual Authenticity in a Narrow Land: Navigating the tension between our need to believe and our need to evolve

Fri 2 PM | Convo Hall 4
Sat Noon | Convo Hall 4

Mark Brouwer

What do you do when your life learning and experiences call into question the things you were taught to believe? What if your spiritual growth takes you to places “outside the camp” of your Christian community? Join pastor / writer Mark Brouwer as he shares his story of a journey though Evangelical Christianity, atheism, Buddhism, Taoism, into progressive, integral Christianity. His wife, therapist and speaker Charlene Brouwer will also talk about her experience of having a pastor husband who seemed to have “lost his faith,” only to emerge with something deeper. They will talk about their work with other spiritual leaders – and now parishioners – to help overcome the damaging misconceptions about how spiritual growth really works.

Mark Brouwer

Mark Brouwer is a spiritual teacher, writer, and spiritual adviser to leaders and activists. He is the pastor of Loop Church in Chicago, IL, and director of Renew Resources, whose mission is to equip people to serve God and others in a way that arises from — and maintains — their spiritual and emotional well-being. He is a contributing author of “A Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction, and Difficult Behaviors,” The Ministry Essentials Bible, and is author of The Solid Foundation Journal and the forthcoming Making Your Mark without Losing Your Soul. Mark and his wife Charlene live in Chicago, and have two grown sons. He can be found at lastingleaders.com and the recovery blog sexualsanity.com


81 Spiritual Authenticity: when spiritual growth and traditional beliefs collide

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