Musical Performance: Bobby Jo Valentine

Letting Go, Leaning In, and the Tribeless Tribe

Fri 4 PM | Café
Sat 7:40 PM | Main Side

Bobby Jo Valentine’s soulful, poetic songs have connected with thousands of spiritual seekers around the world looking for a new way to speak about faith and healing and belonging. Having recently lost his home to a fire last year, and losing his faith eight years ago to an ever-expanding new way of believing, Bobby comes to Wild Goose with stories and songs about what to do after losing something you love, how to grieve, and what it means to be a part of the Tribeless Tribe of Jesus. Dar Williams has said “Bobby has the spirit and songs to bring us back to believing. Whatever our faiths, he has the humor, compassion, words, and music to help us believe again.” Bobby Jo Valentine is a soulful, poetic songwriter who lives on the northern coast of California and tours the nation full-time, connecting and sharing music with fellow seekers of love, faith, and justice. He has won Song of the Year three times at the West Coast Songwriter’s Association, and among others has performed at the Emerge Conference, the Gay Christian Network conference, and the UCC General Synod. He’s also recently given a TED talk on loss and healing. He currently lives as Artist-in-Residence in Los Altos, California, and writes songs about the everyday spiritual awakenings of an open-hearted life.


Bobby Jo Valentine

Growing up along the windy coasts of northern California in a rigid and conservative Baptist culture, Bobby Jo Valentine slowly (and painfully) emerged from his traditional roots and has since plunged head-first into a deeper, wilder, more affirming love and faith than he ever thought possible. He discovered his love for music and began performing. His music often strikes the universal, hopeful chord that runs through all of humanity, and his thoughtful lyricism has recently won him Songwriter of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association and travels the nation singing to everyone willing to listen.

264 Musical Performance: Bobby Jo Valentine

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