Zac Morton
Zac is a curious, eternally optimistic hiker, gardener, and artist with a predisposition towards the mystical side of Christian tradition. He is ordained as a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) and is currently organizing pastor for The Mustard Seed Project – a new worshipping community in Suwanee, GA that is just over a year old and partners with Roswell Presbyterian Church. His life partner is Meaghan Cochrane, and they are firmly in the “puppy stage” with a Pomeranian named Rory as she finishes up a Ph.D from Kansas State University. Zac has degrees from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and West Virginia Wesleyan College, and spent two summers participating in archaeological excavations in Israel trying to channel Indiana Jones.

Hiking as Spiritual Practice 
So many people today “find God in nature,” but that is often where the conversation ends. In this session we will explore how regular wilderness immersion connects us to God and to Christian tradition. Then we’ll take it a step farther by developing a theological language of our own experience(s) of “God in nature” in order to open doors of connection and resonance with others’ experiences. How can we create space for people to “find God in nature” and experience deeper spiritual growth and contemplation not just on their own, but in community? That’s the trail we’re headed down.