Ximena Savitch

Ximena is an advanced certified yoga teacher and activist. Her teachings are inclusive and healing for students of all shapes and sizes, skin colors, nationalities, religions, abilities, genders, gender identities and socioeconomic statuses. They draw from her own life experiences and reflect her strong call to live in the service of others. She was born in Lima, Peru, grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and currently resides in New York City. She teaches throughout the world, particularly in Latin America where she is able to teach in Spanish, her native language.

Ximena began teaching yoga in 2008, and received her advanced certification in 2012. She continues to study yoga as a holistic path to healing and service for the benefit of all. In 2015 she began working as a catalyst with CTZNWELL, an organization dedicated to mobilizing the wellness community to become social advocates in the world.

Yoga for Social Change – The Politics of Wellbeing for All
Being a spiritual activist means waging truth on all fronts: personal, social and political. It is a call to courage, community and action on behalf of the whole. Our yoga practice can help us cultivate the inner strength and boldness to fiercely dive into the stuck and disconnected places in ourselves and in our world so we can be powerful advocates for justice and social transformation. Join Ximena Savitch, advanced certified yoga teacher and CTZNWELL Catalyst, for a workshop of yoga, storytelling, movement building and change-making. You’ll learn how you can be part of a powerful movement committed to practice, community, and collective action, and build a new political identity rooted in love and committed to the wellbeing of all people. #wellbeingforall #voteWELL

www.ximenamilagros.com, www.ctznwell.org