Versandra Kennebrew
Health is mind, body and spirit working in symphony, and Versandra Kennebrew is considered by many, an optimal health conductor. She has taught hundreds of massage therapists and other holistic health professionals the art of touch. She is the author of 5 self-help books and Resident Holistic Health Coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG Atlanta. Through her empowerment tools, radio broadcast, retreats and presentations, Coach Versandra supports health seekers around the globe on their journey to optimal health, happiness and fulfillment. Kennebrew is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She studied mental health and was inducted into the National Honor Society at Wayne County Community College District. She’s an Energy Field Enhancement Specialist, Metaphysician in training, International Speaker, and Homeless Advocate, with a plethora of tools at her disposal to create customized life transformation programs. Simply put, Versandra Kennebrew is a healer, living in her divine purpose.

Panel: Our Stories of Home and Homelessness
There exist over 3,000 scriptures regarding God’s desire for Justice. What implications do these have in the way we live our lives? Do we meet Jesus in the streets, as he is hungry, abandoned, and alienated? This interactive story event will explore our narratives, ,a time of group reflection about home and homelessness, and a symbolic act towards action. In keeping with the theme of stirring the waters for healing, the session participants will explore issues together and urge one another on through a series of visual and interactive ceremonies to continue good work. Versandra, Amy, Bec, and others will share their own stories of home and homelessness.