Pastor Nar Martinez
Reverend Narcizo Martinez – known to most as ‘Pastor Nar’ – is a Mexican-American currently residing in Ohio. Growing up in a bi-racial household, he learned to appreciate the unique gifts offered through his differing familial cultures. He understands the struggles and beauty of integrating seeming opposites in his life story.

This celebration of opposites applies not only to his heritage, but also to his spirituality. After coming to faith during the Jesus Movement, he traversed through many different expressions of community. He is a lover and follower of Jesus, as well as a practitioner of Shamanism. The thread that holds this eclectic mix together is his belief in the Great Spirit that has expressed itself at all times, in all cultures, and through all people.
Nar is a healer – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He is also an experienced ritual and ceremony creator who utilizes the ancient praxis of the Medicine Wheel, Sacred Touch, along with other gifts of healing.

Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony
“Our life story is fashioned by all experiences we’ve collected from childhood through the present moment. These experiences have created emotional and energetic imprints on our psyche and in our bodies. The lighter, joyous experiences create a gentle, fleeting imprint, while the hurtful experiences create deeper, longer lasting imprints.
The Ceremony assists us in unlocking the challenging stories and imprints we have buried so deeply – allowing us to name them, feel them, and hear them out. We can then decide if we desire to keep them or release them into Fire, both literally and metaphorically.
Utilizing the ancient TEK of the Medicine Wheel, we will work with Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit to transmute our old scripts and begin to write a new story. The Ceremony will conclude with a time of meditation where Spirit will whisper a ‘new name’, understood only by those who receive it (Revelation 2:17). Each participant will be given a white stone on which to write their New Name.