Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey Nelson has participated in many and diverse conversations about LGBT people in the Church. Lindsey’s passions are to see Christians embrace their calling to love other people fully, both in who they are and in who they are becoming. How can the Church love well and make Christ known to all? What does it mean as we come alive in Christ? How does God’s grace enable us to walk along diverse paths as we seek first the Kingdom of God? Lindsey is especially concerned about how the dialogue in the Church has shifted towards being aggressively hostile towards transgender, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming people in the post-Obergefell world. Lindsey lives in a committed celibate partnership with a truly fantastic person. They, along with their dog and two cats, spend most of their time in Washington, DC.

Oriented to Love: Intentional dialogue about sexual/gender diversity in the faith community

Join us for a moderated fishbowl conversation with Jesus-followers of various sexual/gender orientations and theological convictions. What kinds of questions generate the best dialogue? How can people who disagree on what faithful sexuality is enjoy unity within the body of Christ? What does it look like to listen with love? How can we connect across deep differences without leaving our convictions at the door?