Kim Dent
Kim’s compassion for the hurting and spiritually marginalized and her work as a bridge builder between conflicted christian parents and their LGBT kids is an ongoing journey of faith. She has facilitated sessions for parents at the annual Gay Christian Network conferences, participated in the Oriented to Love Dialogue through ESA and is listed as a parent resource for the Marin Foundation. where she provides a safe place for Christian parents of LGBT kids to navigate what it means to love well—like Jesus. “For years I prayed that God would change my daughter’s sexual orientation—instead He changed me!” Moving from a place of stoic religious certainty to a place of wonder, trust and humility in Christ has given her a deeper experience of God’s grace and unconditional love for every person. Kim ministers God’s love into life’s tough places with gentleness, humor and courageous authenticity through speaking, writing & mentoring. Kim lives in Charlotte with her husband, Mark and a rescued pit bull named Otis and is working (at a snails pace) to complete her first book ‘Dandelion Winds – A Mother’s Search for Grace.’

Oriented to Love: Intentional dialogue about sexual/gender diversity in the faith community
Join us for a moderated fishbowl conversation with Jesus-followers of various sexual, gender, and theological orientations. What kinds of questions generate the best dialogue? How can people who disagree on what faithful sexuality is enjoy unity within the body of Christ? What does it look like to listen with love? How can we connect across deep differences without leaving our convictions at the door?