Jaime Harris
Jaime Harris | International Peacemaker and Educator Jaime and his family live in Indonesia, where for the past 20 years they’ve promoted peace and reconciliation through education, serving the poor, organizing interfaith events, establishing a Peace Café, and inviting Muslims and Christians to pray together in a unique House of Prayer. As an author, Jaime has written books in both Indonesian and English promoting peace. He’s been blessed to speak on issues of peacemaking and prayer in several nations. He’s a member of Peace Catalyst International. Find out more at www.peace-catalyst.net.

ISIS, Jihad and Jesus – How we got into this mess, how to overcome with love, and how God is restoring everything

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian conflict was born in a broken home. A banished son, a disputed inheritance, animosity between brothers—Abraham’s nuclear family drama is now being played out on a global stage between his biological and spiritual children of three faiths. But God is the healer of families. Jesus showed us how to overcome with love. And in this desperate hour on the earth, God asks us to join Him in His commitment to restoring everything. In this session you’ll discover what the everyday expression of that restoration looks like as you journey with the speaker through praying with Muslims, loving Muslim radicals, and seeing God’s amazing signs and wonders make us one family once again.