Taize Vespers Service
Jim Holmes, Leslie Withers and Mark Reeve are members of Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. The church offers Taize worship services several times a year. Leslie often plays flute for the services, and Jim plays guitar. Mark joins the singing and prayers and helped design the service we will use at Wild Goose. Taize services, which originated at a monastery in France, feature simple, repeated, chant-like melodies interspersed with prayers and periods of silence. Anyone who plays a stringed or wind instrument and is familiar with Taize music is encouraged to bring their instrument and join the accompaniment. (If you have the instrumental accompaniment book, please bring it.) If you’re looking for a break from loud music, busy-ness and the fast pace of the weekend, come join us for a time of singing, silence and prayers. Song books will be provided.

Taize is a form of sung prayer. It was initially developed at the The Taize Community, a monastery in Taize, France, and has spread across the world. The vesper service will include sung prayers, using simple, repetitive melodies, voiced prayer, and times of silence. The mood is quiet and reflective. People who play guitar or wind instruments and are familiar with Taize are encouraged to bring their instruments.