Eliza Moore
“If Sarah McLachlan, Mahatma Gahndi and Dr Martin Luther King made a band together, that would be Eliza Moore’s music.” (Geeta Nadkarni, journalist). A multi-instrumentalist, yoga teacher and former theology student, music is Eliza’s church and the audience the congregation. Throughout the performance Eliza invites the audience to join in mediation, prayer, song and sounding. As the performance progresses she will then begin to write music in the moment inspired by joined voices and intentions. Eliza Moore has been described as an Icelandic Joni Mitchell. Her “positively angelic” voice (Artist Direct) and “warm and haunting sound” (Times Argus) gives Eliza’s music a genre bending quality that resonates with poets, yogis, and music aficionados alike. Eliza lives in Montreal. When she is not in her studio polishing her latest recording, she is cruising along the St Lawrence with her two children on her Dutch bike, teaching corporate executives to breathe or inventing a new stew in her crock pot.