Ben Kilgore
For six years, Ben Kilgore fronted The Hero Factor, a Tulsa band with a big sound and a big heart. In 2007 Ben struck out on his own. Ben showcased for Sony Music, Interscope Records, and a dozen other labels. Along the way, he caught the attention of songwriter/super-producer Akon, and the pair began discussing future collaboration. Three years later, Ben Kilgore has centered himself and found a new direction. He continues to write honest songs that uncover emotions often unsaid, and hope often overlooked. In the style of Joe Cocker, he keeps it simple, but delivers with unwavering conviction. His story is one of persistence and determination, successes and heartbreaks. And he is still looking for the light in the dark, searching for silver linings. For those that follow Tulsa’s small but vibrant music scene, no lead vocalist has been more celebrated than Ben Kilgore.

Shipwreck Songs and Stories
We are so rarely given space for loss, grief, and lament, room to expose our deepest wounds before God and others. This session is all about creating such a space. As Jonathan Martin and Ben Kilgore share the poetry and pain of their own stories of death and resurrection, we hope to make room for your own, too.