Failed Missionary

Sat 11:30 AM | GooseCast
Thousands of dollars raised, passport stamps collected, zero lives saved. Failed Missionary explores topics and narratives related to the modern approach to missions and questions the odd ways we’ve interpreted the “great commission” from the vantage point of former and current missionaries and thought-leaders.

Corey Pigg

Corey is a former missionary, recovering pursuer of Jesus and a cult survivor. After several years of traveling the globe as a missionary and in recovery as a cult abuse survivor, Corey’s work is devoted to helping others reconnect with themselves after the loss of a lifestyle steeped in spiritual vocation and/or spiritual abuse in order to find their way forward.

Corey is responsible for Failed Missionary, a new podcast/blog that explores topics and narratives related to the modern approach to missions and questions the odd ways we’ve interpreted the great commission.

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Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright is a writer and speaker best known for her snarky faith and lifestyle blog, The Very Worst Missionary. As a passionate advocate for missions reform and humanitarian aid that is sensible, meaningful, and enduring, she has traveled the world sharing her expe- rience with churches, nonprofits, and universities. She procrastinates in Northern California, where she lives with her family, two dumb dogs, and an evil cat.

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Kevin Garcia

Kevin Garcia is a speaker, creative, musician, content creator and worship artist based in Atlanta, GA. He graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2013 with a BM in Music Education and has been everything from a barista to a corporate office worker to a non-profit professional since then. After coming out in the fall of 2015 as a gay Christian, Kevin has reached thousands of individuals across the globe with his blog,, his podcast, “A Tiny Revolution,” on his YouTube channel where he unpacks theology and addresses life as a queer person of faith, and through speaking engagements at churches, universities, and festivals. Kevin also works with The Reformation Project, an LGBTQ direction action organization with a mission to make the global church more inclusive for queer people. He is presently a candidate for a Masters of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA. He believes that by telling our stories, we set others free to tell theirs.

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