Giving Ourselves The Privilege of the Doubt

July 12, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
What does an encounter that lasted only a few moments have to say about the deep, invested manner that we engage each other’s pain, even when that pain is historically predictable? In the Gospel narrative of Thomas, we find a demand for proof of pain from Christ that informs the same privilege we hold dear–choice, at any cost. But what is the literal human cost of our doubt in the presence of a pain and enduring suffering that has always been there, and who pays it? Xavier Ramey, a community activist, international public speaker, strategist, and poet will guide an interactive discussion on the privilege of doubt, a country swirling in a self-obsession with using interrogation as a form of relationship rather than compassion and faith as a guide, and how we continue to use ineffective tools to correct historical wrongs such as racism, sexism, and homophobia.
12:00 am Xavier Ramey