Some of the finest progressive Christian podcasters will do episodes for their podcast on the GooseCast Stage all throughout the festival. Come and join the audience for your favorite podcast and get to know some new ones!

WGF Love in a Dangerous TimeLove in a Dangerous Time is an ongoing discussion about a drastically changing church with its new problems and some of the forward thinking on where it can go. Host, Russ Jennings is a feral Christian from New York City. In a recent Sojo magazine article titled “How Daniel Berrigan Helped Save My Faith,” Evangelical leader and my guest on this in this podcast episode, Jim Wallis talks about his long and important friendhip with the late Father Berrigan. [More]

WGF The Liturgists PodcastThe Liturgists Podcast examines issues through the lenses of science, art, and faith. Hosted by Michael Gungor and Science Mike, the program creates an open, honest space for the spiritually homeless and frustrated. [More]

WGF Doug Pagitt RadioReligious Radio That’s Not Quite Right – Conversation and Provocation for a just and generous faith. The Wild Goose episode will center on the efforts of the OPEN Network – a network of progressively minded churches and leaders from non-denominational, Free-church, evangelical traditions who are seeking a just and generous expression of life and faith. [More]

WGF Ask Science MikePeople have questions they aren’t comfortable asking in their faith communities. They can be absurd curiosities or the deeply personal points of pain. What happens when a car turns on it’s headlights while traveling at light speed? Could God make a rock so heavy that God couldn’t lift it? How does cancer happen? What does science tell us about monogamy? How do I tell my family I don’t believe in God anymore? [More]

WGF Christian Feminist PodCastCarla Ewert of the Christian Feminist Podcast and Danny Anderson of the Sectarian Review Podcast will live-record a discussion about Wild Goose for the Christian Humanist Radio Network.  In segment 2, we’ll discuss womanhood as Story. In conversation with other Wild Goose contributors, we’ll hear the stories they received in their various faith experiences, how they’ve responded to those stories, and how they’ve reshaped them in their lives and work. [More]

WGF Homebrewed Culture Cast-2Author Christian Piatt, along with Rev. Amy Piatt and Slim Moon (Founder of Kill Rock Stars Records) discuss pop culture and news from a progressive faith perspective. Actors, directors, authors, actors and musicians join the crew around issues of social justice, peppering commentary with irreverent humor and provocative thought. Join the CultureCast LIVE at Wild Goose, along with special musical and featured guests (Tripp Fuller & others TBA), for giveaways, games and asinine jokes, all in the name of a more just and less religiously uptight world. Oh, and beer. Can’t forget the beer. [More]

WGF LectiocastShould Christians support the slaughter of anyone in the land of Israel who is not ethnically Jewish? Is our hope for the future tied to the restoration of an earthly Davidic monarch? What does a crucified messiah have to do with God’s promises to restore Israel after the exile? LectioCast will be recording a special episode that probes the question of how we read and preach the Old Testament as Christians. What difference, if any, should our commitment to Jesus make for how we interpret the Hebrew Bible and proclaim its message? [More]

WGF Coffeepot Fellowship PodcastThis episode of The Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast will be recorded before a live audience in the GooseCast Tent. Will it be Micky Scottbey Jones? Jim Wallis? Come find out and participate in The Story. We’re all called to be actively engaged in The Story and so you are called, and here invited, to join this event between 6:30 and 7:30 Thursday or 24/7 on your mobile device or You’ll recognize previous guests like Brian McLaren, Alexia Salvatierra, Tony & Bart Campolo, Jennifer Bailey, Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock, Romal Tune, Shane Claiborne and many more.  [More]

WGF Moonshine Jesus ShowIn the tradition of Will Campbell, the bootleg preacher, Mark Sandlin (Presbyterian Minister) and David Henson (Episcopal Priest) bring you thier backyard brew of high octane theological perspectives on pop-culture, politics and Christian culture. [More]

WGF IdeationMarriage equality has been the law of the land for one year, but same-sex couples have been doing life together for just as long as straight couples. Sharing findings from highly respected marriage researchers, knowledge from her work as a psychotherapist, and examples from her own same-sex marriage, Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC, will discuss how same-sex couples have found ways to thrive without the help of privilege or culturally informed gender roles. [More]

WGF Pulpit FictionPulpit Fiction is a weekly lectionary conversation hosted by Rev. Eric Fistler and Rev. Robb McCoy. We exegete and discuss the reading from the Revised Common Lectionary, and includes thoughts about pop culture and current events. It is for preachers looking for inspiration as well as any person of faith willing to think critically about their faith and the Bible. This episode we will be discussing Proper 12C, Luke 11:1-13 and Hosea 1:2-10. [More]

WGF EtceteraErik Guzman, co-host of Steve Brown, Etc., the Merry Monk of Love, and author of The Seed: A True Myth, will record an episode of “Etcetera” in front of a live audience. Join this holy fool for blessed buffoonery. [More]

WGF Theological Happy HourWhat better way to make the hour a happy one than with some intensely nerdy conversations and a specially designed mixed drink. Daniel Kirk and Tripp Fuller will explore 5 different ways to read the Bible that don’t suck. You know critical, faithful, and open to more than one reading. [More]

WGF Sectarian Review PodcastThe Sectarian Review podcast takes its inspiration from the great “little magazine” Partisan Review. Cultural criticism in the public sphere. We take time to explore art, politics, history, culture, and philosophy from a confessing Christian perspective. For the Wild Goose Festival “GooseCast” edition of the show, Danny Anderson and guests will discuss the notion of hipness, both in the wider culture and the church. Are we ready to get over “hipster-hating?” Does Wild Goose offer a template for hipness as a moral position? [More]